Spring is here and the flowers have started to bloom. This week we are sharing with you the spring collection, so grab your pen and paper so we can get started.

Gingham Print – At the beginning of the year I said that this was going to be a hit and it is. If you don’t already know, Gingham is a tiny checked pattern (unlike its big name). The designers have been displaying the pattern in different colours and in different forms like dresses, pants and shirts. So don’t be afraid to try it out if you haven’t already, it looks really nice and the patterns normally come in two colours which means you can colour coordinate with it.

The subtle 70’s – Every season, designers pick a specific decade for the runways and for spring, this year we have the 70’s look. But it’s been portrayed more in the forms of denim and pant silhouettes that are sometimes flared, sometimes full wide. These pants are really nice to pair with some good heels and well fitted tops.

Out-of-the-ordinary Animal prints – We all know about the classic Leopard Print which was a big hit last year. But this year it’s all about the wildlife less showcased like chameleons, crabs, scorpions, jellyfish, seahorse and so forth. You will find them printed on things like dresses and instead of finding like tiger strips, you will find the face of the animal on the product.

Sporty Minimalism – This year the designers are using athletic influences with a minimalist twist. An example, you will see a dress with a zipper detail or like a jersey with shoe lace detail. Basically they took something sporty related and paired it with your simple dress or basic tees to create a fresh look.

Coloured suede – for those of you who might not know suede, it’s a type of leather with a soft, napped finish. But there are other fabrics with a similar napped or brushed finish. This season the designers have taken the suedes and cooled it down with some pastel purples and bold blues, some have even gone as far as using reds or mustard yellows. So be on the lookout for this in your local clothing stores.

Power shoulders – Normally you find clothes that have been padded at the shoulders like jackets or some dresses, but this season the designers are going with a more less-is-more approach. So you will be seeing a lot of the shoulder tops and dresses or one-shoulder necklines. This is a way to show off many women’s finest assets.

The new high neckline – this trend is not what you would expect for spring because it’s a similar concept to the turtleneck which you would expect for winter or autumn. But international designer like Prada and Christian Dior have taken the turtleneck to new heights. The high neck dresses and shirt dresses are now in and if you do go to your local clothing stores you will see some of them. So this might be something to try for yourself.

Apron Skirting – I talked about this in the blog 2015 Trends, but I had titled it ‘skirt over skirt’ which is initially a similar concept only now the designers have layered it like an apron of sorts. It can be worn over dresses, pants and basically creates a whole new look that will change your spring wardrobe.

Statement stripes – these are very big this season and I have seen some in stores like Pick ‘n Pay clothing and Mr Price. Don’t look at the name and think big stripes, some are actually nicely positioned like on Maxi dresses and skirts, making the fashion wearable by anyone. So don’t be afraid to try it out.

Modern Safari – Now this is a look that I love and would wear any time. Major international designers seemed to have a safari in mind and they created chic khaki trench dresses, poncho coats, fern prints and camo-inspired pieces. I was actually at Edgars recently and noticed that they have a really nice khaki button down dress, I think the look is simple, modern and classy.

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Written by Phoebe Sibomana


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