Time is something we wish we had more of, or we could slow down. I blink and the week is over and I’m left with a long list of things I didn’t get done, wondering what happened to the time. We all need to learn how to manage and plan our time and here are a few tips that helped me and could help you too.

1. Make a ‘to do’ list
It helps to have a notebook in which to write down everything you need to do or get done. Ticking the items off as you go along will show you what still needs to be done and it will give you a sense of accomplishment!

2. Create a schedule
Once you know exactly what you want to do for the day or week, make a schedule of what needs to happen first. This can be on paper, on a calendar or even an organiser on your phone. I like to write things down on paper with the time I expect to get them done.

3. Complete the most important task first
Prioritise your list and get started on most urgent task first. It could be an upcoming test you need to study for or an assignment due in a few days. Decide what is most important and most urgent and work on those items first.

4. Don’t procrastinate
It’s so easy to get distracted or to put things off until tomorrow. But scrambling to get things done at the last minute is not fun. So start working sooner than later, instead of watching TV or scrolling through your social media timelines.

5. Learn to say “no”
Don’t take on more than you can handle and be careful not to overwork yourself. You don’t need to accept every task that gets thrown at you. If you are a student, you have to do your tasks and assignments but learn to say no to friends, you don’t need to go to every single party. Learn to keep the balance.

6. Take short breaks
Don’t forget to take a break in-between the studying or work you’re doing. This means you must have time with your family and friends, or to simply relax and watch your favourite show. No good will come from burning yourself out.

7. Exercise
Keeping fit and healthy is very important. Your brain needs oxygen, so get enough exercise. This could be walking, cycling, skipping, doing a short run or going to the gym. Always take caution when exercising and make sure you’re doing it correctly. It is even more fun doing it with a friend.

Remember, we won’t always get it right at first, but with practice, managing our time can come naturally.

Tell us: What other tips do you have to help us manage our time?