Have you ever run out of deodorant without notice? Personal hygiene is important and the last thing you want is to walk around feeling and smelling funky. Learning how to make deodorant is easy, and if you are looking for a way to stay fresh with less chemicals, here’s how to do it.

This isn’t one of those exact measurement recipes but I didn’t even manage to mess it up once.

Time: 2 – 4 minutes
Here is what you will need:
Bowl, spoon, a small container with a lid (to store the deodorant)

Corn Starch or Arrowroot powder
Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)


Step 1:
Measure out some corn starch, it doesn’t really matter how much (I used two tablespoons) and put it into the bowl. Measure out an equal amount of bicarbonate of soda and add to the corn starch bowl.

Step 2:
Mix it, sift it, stir it, or shake it, but make sure that you mix it completely. The corn starch will absorb and trap moisture, while the baking soda serves as an odour eliminator.

Step 3:
Pour your mixture in your container and close the lid. You can store your homemade deodorant in pretty much anything you like, I would suggest an airtight container if you can find one. Baking soda absorbs odours and you probably don’t want it pre-absorbing any odours before you put it on your body.

When applying it, depending on how you’ve store it, you can either use a cotton ball, sponge or some tissue paper. Thoroughly coat your entire armpit, making sure to clean off any residue around the armpit (especially if you’re wearing a short sleeve top, you don’t want to walk around with the powder showing). One application should easily last for an entire day, some people even find that it will last for up to two days.

My Experience
I really like using my homemade deodorant, even better than using the normal stick deodorant/shop bought deodorant. The powder can get everywhere if you’re not careful, but it’s awesome because it isn’t pasty. Bottom line, it just feels cleaner than rubbing paste in your armpit.

I haven’t had any problems with my homemade deodorant affecting the colour of any of my clothes. However, be cautious and test it out by rubbing some of it on a discreet area of a shirt or two.

Now that you know how to make homemade deodorant, go and make yourself a batch, and keep your pits stink-free without all those extra chemicals.


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