It’s 18 July! This is the Madiba was born 100 years ago. It’s a special day in this country as it marks a time to spend 67 minutes doing something for others. Why 67 minutes? Because that’s the number of years that Nelson Mandela spent in making this country a better place, this includes fighting against apartheid which resulted in 27 years imprisonment. Now, it’s our turn to give back of our time and all it takes is 67 minutes. This blog will give you some ideas of how to make the most out of the 67 minutes to be a helping hand to someone else.

1. Start at home

Whoever you’re staying with, whether it be your granny, your cousins, your parents or your cat, be kind to them. Make your gran a cup of tea and massage her feet, if it’s something you hardly do, now’s the time to show her kindness.

2. Donate your unneeded items

Whatever you planned to throw away, that could be used elsewhere, donate it to a charity.

3. Volunteer your time at an organization

There are many organizations that are in need of volunteers, organizations that are trying their best to better the community. Why not dedicate 67 minutes to volunteering. Go to a place close to your heart, if it’s animals, volunteer at the SPCA, if it’s the elderly go to the old age home.

4. Pack in extra lunch

Those less fortunate on the streets would appreciate the extra sandwich you packed in. Or bring it closer to home, if you’re at school and you know someone needs lunch, give it to them. If you’re at work and someone might not have, offer it. You’ll feed someone and you can do it more than just on Mandela day.

5. Clean your area

Get a group of friends and you can all start picking up the litter in the streets or around your homes, this will inspire others not to litter so much and you’ll be doing your bit to clean the environment. Remember you can’t change the whole world, but you can change the part you live in.

6. Be a listening ear

If you have to work and your shifts are crazy, don’t be discouraged, you can simply be kind to a stranger you’ve never spoken to. Be an open ear, people have problems we aren’t even aware of. Take your lunch break with someone you hardly talk to, be a friend, who knows that 67 minutes might be a lifetime of friendship, and if not – you did your bit.

I hope these tips and ideas have helped you in some way or another. Always remember, “it seems impossible, until it’s done.” – Madiba

Let us know: How will you spend your 67 minutes?