I will remember my dad for many things; one is being organised and the other is having a taste for simplicity. I think our parents are gifted to us, to help us achieve whatever life purpose or destiny is meant for us. My no-nonsense, strict, always on-time dad, used to ask me to make what he called ‘banana boat’. While I am aware that the name evokes many ideas of different dessert variations, what he was asking for was very simple: blended/ smoothly mashed frozen bananas. I discovered the ‘recipe’ on YouTube during a brief stint with veganism (that’s a story for another day). To make the ‘Banana Nice-Cream’ (as Sarah Graham’s food blog calls it), you will need:

Ingredients and utensils

– About 6 bananas (depending on how many servings you fancy)
– Raisins (Optional, if you’d like to enrich the taste of the bananas and overall texture)
– Lastly, a blender


– Peel and mash/ blend up all the bananas until they become smooth
– Pour the smoothly-blended bananas into a tub
– Add raisins
– Freeze for a minimum of 6 hours

Enjoy the Banana Nice-Cream that dad and the rest of my family have come to 100% endorse!

Tell us: What simple “nice-creams” can you come up with?