I don’t know about you, but I love a good book! It’s easy to get lost in your favourite novel and forget the world around you, but of course sooner or later we need to put the book down and carry on with our other activities.

I used to save the mark on my book by folding the corner of the page, this is a habit many people have, but it is actually damaging your book. So, I decided to make my very own bookmark! It is much more exciting to make your own, and it’s easy too!

What you will need:

1. Cardboard
2. Paper
3. Colouring pencils or kokis
4. Glitter (optional)
5. Stickers (optional)
6. Scissors
7. Pritt or sellotape
8. Ruler
9. Pencil

Step 1: Get cardboard paper, this can be bought at the local stationery store. Or you can even take a Weetbix or any cereal box.

Step 2: Decide on the length and width you want your bookmark to be, in other words, how big and wide you want it to be. Then take your ruler and measure the size, mark it with your pencil. Example: I want my bookmark to be 15cm long and 8cm wide.

Step 3: Now that you know your measurements, it’s time to use your scissors and cut.

Step 4: Take another piece of paper, do the same measurements as the size of the cardboard for the bookmark. Cut it and paste it on the cardboard. If you don’t have pritt you can also use sellotape.

Step 5: Now the fun begins! This is your time to decorate. You can take your colouring pens or kokies and make pretty drawings on your bookmark. If you have stickers and/or glitter you can use it for decorations as well. You can even write quotes on your bookmark such as “reading is fun! I love reading” or any other quote you’d like.

Step 6: Use your bookmark when you read!

There you have it! There are many fun ways you can create a bookmark, this was just the basic one. You can even cut the bookmark in different shapes, such as a heart, cat ears, etc. It is your bookmark, own it!


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Tell us: What kind of bookmark will you be making?