Do you ever think about your first kiss? The feelings you were going through, the person, the date or the place?

Today we are celebrating International Kissing Day, so I thought what better way to celebrate than to take a trip down memory lane and revisit our very first kiss.

I asked a few people about their first kiss experience, and this is what they had to say:

Japhet, 24

I was 21 when my first kiss happened and I am still in contact with the person I kissed, although we are just friends.

So the place was on upper campus, like literally 10 or 20 meters from our lecture venue ’cause we’re about to start a lecture. The lecture started; I got there and I found her sitting by a bench next to the lecture theater. She was eating, so I came and just sat next to her and started talking to her and then yeah there was that feeling. You know when you like somebody and they like you, there’s just that magnet.

We started talking and the time for the lecture arrived. I then eventually realised that it’s late already and we were still sitting there; and so I just realised that yeah I might as well skip the lecture!

Then we started just moving closer to each other. We were sitting at an awkward distance then we started moving close to each other, somehow, and then I was next to her. Then we just pulled in together.

I put my face close to her and she put her face closer to me and then she was like:“If you kiss me, then we can’t go back to just being friends; so just think about what you’re about to do.”
I just kissed her; or I could say we both just kissed each other. And then after that I was like oh what just happened?

I started feeling like oh wow do I really have a girlfriend now and am I gonna be able to handle it? Isn’t it gonna be too much with academics?! Those thoughts just started flowing through my mind after the kiss. But then also I was happy and excited. Like OK this is nice. So it lasted for about like four or five seconds; but it was a kiss on the lips. I mean it’s a first kiss after all; and after that kiss we just took a walk around the university and then waited for the next lecture.

Ireene, 25

I always thought that my first kiss would be with someone I was madly in love with but that wasn’t the case at all. So, I was 21 when it happened, and it was with this guy who had been asking me out for almost two years but I wasn’t into him so I always said no. So eventually there was a party at a mutual friend and we both happened to be there.

I was in the kitchen looking for extra cups and stuff and so somehow he found me there. I don’t know if he followed me there or if him being there was just a coincidence but there he was. He started talking to me and coming closer and stuff and before I knew it he was in my face kissing me. Me being naive and not knowing what the hell is happening I just stood there; didn’t know what was happening. I was nervous but more confused because this is something that took me by surprise. I was not prepared for it and the person wasn’t right so I would say it wasn’t the joyous experience it is for many. I think he also realised that it’s not going too well and so he stopped.

But none the less he continued to pursue me but I still wasn’t interested; so we parted ways and are not in contact anymore.

Having your first kiss is an interesting experience … and if it is something that is yet to happen, I hope you have a great first kiss!


Tell us: Do you remember your first kiss experience? Was it with someone you really liked?

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