For Youth Day we asked the youth what it means to be a young person in 2022. 

Lance Jaftha, 19

As a scout I was taught how to use my skills for good. Whenever we celebrate Youth Day we always try and showcase our skills in the surrounding communities. So, to me Youth Day is about interacting with my peers to help make a difference in someone else’s life and to celebrate how far we have come. 

Tersia Josephs, 20

To me Youth Day is a special day where we are all reminded of the people who have fought for our freedom and the progress we have today. On this special day we are also inspired to be educated, to make changes, and to do things differently in order to motivate the next generation of young ones. Also remember to be the change you want to see.  

Reece Solomons, 20

We have more job opportunities now than during apartheid. During apartheid racism was a big issue and you could only get a certain type of job in a certain area with a certain person. Now that we are in 2022, it’s easier and harder because people from other countries work for a cheaper salary, which makes it difficult for us South Africans. The amount of money that we are working for now is not what it should be because people work hard and they study but they don’t get a proper wage. 

Zintle, 22

Firstly I can say that it is a very good experience and feeling. Our grandmothers were living in the time of apartheid, where there was discrimination according to who could go to which toilets, pubs, churches and more. To be a young person in 2022 it is bad at the same time because we are facing high crime rate; young people are committing suicide; they are having anxiety. Unemployment is too high and poverty is our daily bread. It feels to be a young person in 2022, we are more advanced in technology and the modes of transport available for us. At the same time we have better jobs; we have more opportunities as a young person in the 21st century. It is your choice to go to whatever school you want to go to. We are a sad generation, yet we are more diverse. 

Siphokazi Lituka

Imeaning yokuba ngumntu omtsha kulonyaka ka 2022, kukhula ubemdala because ungumntu omtsha udlula kwi challenges ezinzi, but kulona unyaka flush and go. The reason I say that is because challenges odibenenazo dlula kuzo. I know akukholula kodwa dlula uzothi ubengumntu omdala, and when you look back uzibone ba udlulile kuzo.

Ntsika, 17

It means ukwenza impazamo uzokwazi uzokwazi uzilungisa, ukhule, ufunde. 


It means that you observe izinto ezenzekayo around thina, and ukhethe i-information ungathathi yonke into le. Ubenetshomi eziright. I’ve also learnt that the world is not stable, anything can happen at any moment with money, and with the virus.

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