Please introduce yourself to FunDza readers

My name is Wanga Moshani and I am a 23-year-old BMX rider from Cape Town. I am number 208; that’s my career number.

What’s your nickname?

I don’t have a nickname, but everyone calls me “champ” in my hood, so I will take that as my nickname.

Have you won any trophies or medals?

I am a South African Elite champion. I have won many awards and trophies over the years, and more recently I won medals and trophies on the National and Provincial circuits. I am proudest of the trophies I received in recognition of being the best Elite in South Africa 2021 and the Outstanding Rider in the province award. Achieving SA colours is another highlight, and I look forward to the 2022 season.

How did you start BMXing?

I started racing BMX in 2008. I joined the Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy because my late brother was also an academy member.

What do you love most about BMXing?

What I love the most about BMXing is that it’s more like therapy to me, it’s where I enjoy myself the most, and it’s my passion.

How often do you train?

I train twice a day. In the early morning and later, after work in the evening. In total it’s about 2/3hours a day, and then on the weekends, I try to ride on tracks.

What do you do outside of BMXing?

I’m currently working as a programme coordinator at Velokhaya for a mentorship program called Infinite family and studying at UNISA, completing a degree in Education.

Tell us more about BMXing

There are two types of BMXing. There’s BMX freestyle, and then there’s BMX racing, which is the one that I’m doing. BMX racing, we race from the start hill to the finishing line, racing on the BMX track made of hills. Per race, eight riders are racing from start hill to finish line; the top four qualify to the next round until the last top 8 go to the final round. There are different categories of BMX: novice class, experts, and elites.

Do you need special equipment for BMXing?
There are specific bikes and kits that we use. The bikes we use are power series and are made specifically for racing. The gear that we wear protects our bodies. BMXing is an extreme sport, so we will likely fall. It is mandatory to wear a full-face helmet, BMX race pants and long sleeve shirts, and the right shoes.

Is it an expensive sport?

BMXing is a costly sport, especially for youth who come from townships. An entry-level bike can easily cost close to R10 000, and to race, you will also need a helmet which can cost R2500, and there are pants, race shirts, gloves, so yes, it’s an expensive sport.

What are your 2022 goals?

My goal for this year is to train and race hard and more often and be selected to represent my country at the Worlds Championships. If that happens, I want to race more in Europe.

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