Meet the inspiring and driven Bridney Noby Cloete, a 22-year-old from the Northern Cape who opened her own salon – Namatjent Studio – and who makes her own hair products.

Tell us what Namatjent Naturals is.

Namatjent Naturals is a natural beauty product brand. We released our first product in March – a hair-growth oil. Our next product will be launched in January 2023 to celebrate our 1st anniversary. We will eventually have natural products ranging from hair care to body care.

What inspired you to create your own beauty products and open a salon?

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist. Upon graduating, I set out to travel the world and worked on cruise ships. Starting my own business was only a dream I wanted to start working on in my 30’s, but due to Covid in 2020, I was “forced” to walk the road less travelled. Life had other ideas, so I started my business at age 22. Six months in, and I just came back from my first business trip to Namibia.

Who would have thought!

How has social media helped in growing your company?

Social media has been a true lifesaver! I can connect and sell my products across Southern Africa. In Namibia, at the Keetmanshoop expo, I decided to post on the Keetmanshoop Facebook groups, and to my surprise, many people reached out on Facebook to buy hair oil.

What are some of the services your salon offers?

When my salon opened in January, I offered services such as massages, makeup, and hairstyling. But since my focus is my products, I am slowly moving away from beauty services. Currently, I only do hairstyling, makeup, and eyebrow services, and sell my sister’s (Belle and Ange) clothes at the studio.

What would you say to young people who want to start their own businesses but don’t know where to begin?

The most important thing to starting a business, for me, is to have a bond with God. Then, He will guide you, give your ideas and provide for you. Start with what you have; it doesn’t necessarily have to be money. In college, I only had cement, and I started making and selling potplanters to pay for my exams. From there on, you have the money you need to start your business, for example. But be creative and train your mind to see an opportunity in everything. Believe in your dream more than anything and have unwavering faith in the Almighty.

Where to from here?

From here, Namatjent will only expand both nationally and internationally. Watch this space!

The pandemic, like many young people, affected Bridney, but she used that time to start something new. We hope this article reminds you that if you have an idea and feel it’s too good to be true, do it anyway. You don’t know where it may take you until you try.


Tell us: Why do you think the beauty industry is a good place for an entrepreneur to start?

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