You know, sometimes you’d just like to have a day out and eat at a restaurant. Sometimes you get a craving, but when you’re on a budget and you have many members in the family to feed, then eating out doesn’t usually happen.

This is where my wonderful mother comes in. My mom is by no means a professional chef or cook, however, she can cook homemade meals really well. So in a bid to silence my seafood craving that I’d been speaking about for a few weeks, my mom decided to bring the seafood to our dining room table.

My mom prepared prawns, mussels and hake. She paired it with green salad, coleslaw and some baby potatoes. The food was heavenly even if I do say so myself. My mom always says her secret ingredient for cooking good food is love.

In my household eating delicious plus healthy is always at the top of the list. We always have plenty of vegetables and we do enjoy it.

Naturally food like this may take a while to prepare and it can be a little costly, but if we compare the price of a restaurant to homemade food, we get more bang for our buck because there are still plenty of leftovers.

The not so fun thing about eating good food from home is the dishes afterwards. Cue the tears! I mean who wants to do the dishes after such an excellent meal.

I feel like eating well shouldn’t cost you and arm and a leg. Buy what you can and make a delicious meal from the comfort of your own home. Good food is yummy, good food is life.


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Tell us: What is your favourite home-cooked meal?