Majita, I know we think that some women complain about almost everything about us. If you are on social media, then you should know the “indoda must…”, which is basically a way of some women trying to dictate to men how to act and behave.

Often the things some women say we must have are straight-up hilarious and ridiculous and should instantly be ignored. But there is one thing that some of them complain about that has gotten serious because I have noticed that many of them are not toning down about it. What I fear about this one complaint of theirs is that this time around, they are actually correct to complain about it.

And I am afraid that this might just be the biggest reason why some girls cancel visiting us at the very last minute, coming with silly excuses like, “my mother said I should babysit my younger sibling”. But before I tell you about their complaint, let me give you a little scenario.

Imagine your friend invites you to his place to play PlayStation. He tells you a day earlier. He tells you that you are going to play it the whole day, so you’d better make sure that you are free on that whole particular day. No stress, you do so. The day arrives. You visit him early in the morning after eating breakfast. When you get there, you guys lock yourselves in his room, and you play. Around midday, your stomach starts rumbling. It reminds you that it’s lunch time. You look at your friend. He’s not showing any signs of getting up to fix you anything to eat. He is busy glued to the screen, pressing away on his joysticks. You hint to him that you are hungry, but he is still showing no signs of getting up. You later stand up and prepare yourself to go home to grab a bite real quick. He doesn’t let you. He says that once you get out of this room and return later, the mood of the game won’t be the same. It will be ruined. You know he is correct. You end up sitting down, suppressing your hunger, with your stomach rumbling no end. You play until five in the afternoon. When you both have had enough, he decides to accompany you back to your place.

When your friend invites you over next time, would you go? You won’t! Because he is a bad host.

So, the same thing shouldn’t happen when our girlfriends are visiting us. Be a good host to your girlfriend. That starts by offering her something to eat. It doesn’t have to be something complicated that takes time to prepare, like pap, moroho, meat, and all those other standard foods. A simple dish like a sandwich, chips, biscuits and a cold drink will do. Our girlfriend shouldn’t be suffering from hunger when they are visiting us. Who doesn’t love eating! And it’s nice to be fed, especially by your phakades, that is in this case, us. There is no reason to spend the whole day with your girlfriend at your place without offering her anything that goes to the stomach.

No wonder some of our girlfriends are cancelling on us. They make us taste our own medicine. And it is not nice, at all. The same pain we feel when they cancel their visits, is the same pain they feel when they visit us but don’t get fed. Let’s do the right thing by our girlfriends, majita, please. Treating them right starts with us making sure that they are fed when they have taken all their time to spend the day with us.


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