December is the best month of the year; it doesn’t matter which corner of the world you live in or what religion you are. In this month people are bidding farewell to the year. From longer days to too many year-end celebrations, December has a lot to offer.

Here are 7 reasons that make this month stand out from other months.

1. Time to spend more time with the people you love
People who have been working far from home get to visit their families and spend time with them. Those who have been working close from home get to spend more time with their families and friends. Some people only meet their extended family members once a year and that is in December. This is because they don’t get enough time off from work during other months of the year.

2. Christmas
Christmas is the most popular holiday in the world and it is celebrated in December on the 25th. People celebrate Christmas in many different ways. Some families celebrate it by serving vegetables and meat for lunch. Some families serve baked foods such as cakes, pies and cookies. Cold beverages are always on the menu due to warm temperatures and lots of enjoyable sunshine in South Africa during this month. However, not everyone celebrates Christmas because of their religions or beliefs. Most people who don’t celebrate Christmas spend this day doing outdoor activities such as hiking or going to the beach. Some spend it in cinemas or restaurants.

3. December is the Friday of Months
The feeling that people get when it is Friday is not different from the one they get when it is December. On the other days of the week some people work hard and are relieved when Friday comes as they will get to relax and spend more time with their loved ones.

4. Vacations
People get to go to the vacations that they have been saving for. Since December is the 12th month of the year, people have eleven months to plan and budget for their dream vacations and trips. Taking a vacation is a good way to spend your hard earned money exploring new places and having fun.

5. Traditional Ceremonies
In South African rural regions such as some places in the Eastern Cape, December is the most preferred month of the year to hold traditional ceremonies. This is because people who are originally from the Eastern Cape, but who are working in other provinces such as Cape Town or Johannesburg, mostly go home in December. In preparation for some of these traditional ceremonies a cow, sheep or goat is slaughtered and umqombothi, a traditional beer made from sorghum and maize, is brewed. The attendees eat and drink without paying for anything (no entrance fees).

6. The Month Before a New Year
December may be the end of the year but is also the month that marks the arrival of a new year. People start making their New Year resolutions. This is the month where people should forgive themselves for all the bad decisions they have made over the year and leave the grudges they have been holding behind. December is the month where people prepare to have a fresh and brand new start.

7. Gifts
Families and friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time share gifts to express how much they have missed each other. Children receive what they have been asking their parents to buy for them over the past months as gifts. The many festive sales offer allow people to afford most gifts and go on shopping sprees.

Even if the rest of the year hasn’t been great, December will be awesome simply because it is the Friday of months. I hope you will enjoy this December fully but safely. Remember, COVID-19 is still out there. And don’t go over budget because January is around the corner.


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