In the spotlight of social media, where every photo and story is broadcasted to the masses, there’s a fresh trend on the block—girlfriend proposals. Yep, you heard that right. Proposals aren’t just for popping the big marriage question anymore; they’ve stylishly slid into the dating scene, igniting all kinds of buzz about their meaning and whether they’re a must-have. So, what’s the deal with girlfriend proposals, and do you really need one to amp up your relationship status?

A girlfriend proposal is basically like a marriage proposal but for dating. It’s a way to show your commitment and love to your partner. It can be done in many different ways, but what matters most is that it shows you want to take your relationship to the next level and make it official.

Of course, giving the relationship a name does more than offer a label. It clarifies your intentions and progresses things further.

Did our uncles and dads ask our aunts and mothers to be their girlfriends? I put my Uncle John (40) on the spot, to which he responded, “Manje, what is a girlfriend proposal? You would just fall in love and be for each other”- Sjoe, excuse me!

I wonder if it’s just the content I consume on social media or if these past few months have just been a love season, but my Twitter and TikTok were filled with many girlfriend proposals! And I’m not just talking about restaurant dinners with white plates that say “Will you be my girlfriend?” written with dark-looking chocolate. I’m talking about large bouquets of red and pink roses, balloons hanging from ceilings, rose petals, the works I tell you!

And, I’ve been thinking to myself, does that mean that girlfriend proposals are just meant to be grand gestures in the eyes of the public? Is a walk along the beach not good enough? An ice cream date? I would love any girlfriend proposal. It’s more the intention and thoughtfulness behind it that would get me! Like you really want ME to be your girlfriend? (SCREAMS)!

My good friend Sasha (24) said, “I got the sweetest girlfriend proposal. My boyfriend sent me a message telling me to prepare for dinner at 7 p.m. He picked me up with a bouquet and drove us there; we sat and had dinner. When it was time for dessert, they brought out the most beautiful arrangement of a sweet treat that asked me to be his girlfriend.” Cute!

Now, the pressure to have the “girlfriend question” popped by your partner with a grandiose proposal can be increased by individuals, influencers and celebrities on social media. However, it’s essential to remember that a proposal’s true worth comes from its sincerity rather than its flamboyance. A modest, sincere gesture can have just as much significance as a lavish, extravagant display of wealth and magnificence, if not more.

So, what happens if you don’t get a girlfriend proposal? Does this imply that your relationship is any less meaningful or valid? Not at all. Since every relationship is different, the lack of an official proposal does not lessen the love and commitment that two people share.

Aunty Michelle (35), my neighbour, commented, “I never got a girlfriend proposal, but my husband and I have been married for over three years now. We had a conversation about where we wanted to see our partnership going. It doesn’t define your relationship, but you should communicate your expectations to your partner”.

That said, dreaming of a grand romantic gesture to mark the start of your relationship isn’t off the table. Remember, communication is the heartbeat of any relationship. It’s crucial to make sure both partners vibe on the same wavelength and understand each other’s expectations and emotions.

Girlfriend proposals, this modern twist in the dating scene, mirror the changing tides of relationship dynamics today. They might not be everyone’s cup of Rooibos tea, but for those who choose to embrace them, they offer a deeply personal way to express love and commitment. It’s all about finding what feels right and celebrating your unique connection – on your own terms.

Girlfriend Proposals: Romantic Gesture or Relationship Pressure?