Here are words that sound the same, or nearly the same, but mean different things. Make sure you don’t mix them up!

Knew – new
I knew my work.
He bought a new phone.

Stuff – staff
He put a whole lot of stuff in the bag.
The school has many staff members.

Whether – weather
I didn’t know whether to go or not.
The weather was very rainy that day.

Too – two
The children are coming too. / That is too long for the box.
I have two white shirts for school.

Heard – herd
I heard the news on the radio.
There was a herd of cattle on the hill.

Bare – bear
The cupboard is empty and bare.
I can’t bear that noise. / There are no bears in South Africa.

Break – brake
Don’t break my plate.
He put on the car brakes.

Bred – bread
I was born and bred in Benoni.
My brother makes fresh bread every week.

Cell – sell
Do you know where my cell phone is?/ The jail cell is small.
They sell blankets at that supermarket.

Knows – nose
He knows about your work.
The boy has a big nose.