SMS and Mxit spelling uses many abbreviations to make writing quick and easy. It is a creative and clever way of writing: c u l8er instead of See you later.

However it is not appropriate for writing stories, essays or poems, as these forms of writing need to be written in standard spelling and grammar. So be careful that you don’t use bits of SMS language in your writing eg 2 instead of to, or bcoz instead of because.

Here are some common abbreviations that slip their way into stories sent to us!

2 – to
bcoz – because
2moro – tomorrow
2nite – tonight
dat – that
4rnd – friend
ppl – people
gr8 – great
4n – phone
4rm – from
2dae – today
U gta w8 – you’ve got to wait
Blv – believe
G2g – got to go
4gt – forgot

If you use SMS or Mxit spellings often, go over your writing to check that you haven’t used these spellings, and correct your work where necessary.