Do you have a younger brother or sister or child at home who is getting bored, anxious or frustrated? Being stuck inside can be very difficult. And, the lockdown may be scary too. Here are some things to do today with your favourite young person (or people) to keep them entertained – and yourself entertained too.

READ this week’s children’s story, Step and Wash, out loud to your favourite person. Remember to point out the pictures, and ask questions along the way.

CONNECT with the child you’re reading to by asking questions as you read, and encouraging a conversation about the story. If there are difficult words try to explain what they mean, or if your young reader isn’t English-speaking then explain the story in their home language. Remember that reading is about making meaning, so make sure that your child understands what the story is about.

THINK about the stories that you were told when you were young and then TELL one of them to your young reader. Use expression when telling your story. You can even act out the different characters. This makes the story come to life. Story-telling can be a fun way to pass the time.

Finally, DRAW a picture on some scrap paper with your child to illustrates the story you’ve told. When you’re done, take a picture of it and SHARE it with us on Facebook!

Happy story-telling! We hope you have a fantastic day!