It’s the weekend, baby! Time to celebrate with some light reading! READ some very short stories with a twist at the end that will keep you guessing, written by one of our most popular writers on the site, Jenny Robson. Here are Seven Seriously Twisted Tales!

Get those creative juices flowing and WRITE… Read about Freewriting here, and then do some Freewriting yourself.

You could use the topic ‘Life under lockdown’ to start with, and then see where your mind takes you…

And then what about impressing your family with your home-made rotis! Have a look at this straightforward recipe here. If you make these – or something else delicious – take a picture and POST it to us on Facebook. We’ll then share it to our page!

Perhaps you have a favourite lockdown recipe, WRITE it up and send it to us. We may then write it up as a new ‘How To’ blog to SHARE with all the other Fanz! EMAIL it to – with the subject line: My favourite lockdown recipe.

Have a great weekend!