Day THREE of lockdown. We hope that you’re taking it easy at home, and enjoying reading on

Here are some ideas on what you can do with FunDza today:

LEARN something new! Why not start one of FunDza’s courses today? If you’re interested in learning facts about the Coronavirus sign up for the ‘All About the Coronavirus’ course now. Start slow if you like – by doing just one module a day. If you complete the course FunDza will send you a certificate! Click here to register for the course (remember – you must be a logged in FunDza user to participate).

WRITE a short essay or poem about your experience under lockdown so far. It doesn’t need to be long or complicated. And, once you’re done (and you’ve edited it of course 😜) you can send to FunDza’s editing team on They will edit your writing over the next few weeks and then publish it on

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Have a beautiful day. Stay safe. Stay home. Keep reading.