Are you a parent struggling to get your child to study or an older sibling wondering what on earth to do with a frustrated younger brother or sister. Lockdown isn’t easy for the childcarers in our communities. FunDza’s Busiswa Mahonono has researched some good tips for you to follow to help you develop a good routine for you and your family. FOLLOW the advice here.

Then, VISIT our Facebook private group – the FunDza Fanz Writers Forum – there’s a fun writing exercise waiting for you. This week’s exercise will help you to write more believable characters by getting to know them better. For the exercise, you’ll need to think of two characters, and then follow a process to develop a character profile. TRY IT OUT here.

Finally, if you’re now in the writing mood but haven’t yet submitted an entry for the After Lockdown Writing challenge, this is your chance to perfect your essay. There is AIRTIME up for grabs so WORK on it now!

FIND all the rules from WhatsApp on 0600 54 8676… but the quick instruction is to submit a short 100-150 word essay on TWO things that you can’t wait to do when lockdown finishes OR ONE thing that you’re keen to do and ONE thing that you’ll miss from lockdown. REMEMBER that you mustn’t write a list, but rather use description language and dialogue to bring your essay to life. CHECK it for spelling and grammar errors before submitting too.

Good luck with your writing, and good luck with your day!