Welcome to the weekend! What are your plans? Or is it a big weekend IN? 😂

Well, we’ve got some ideas on how you can spend your time. One of these is thinking about what you’re going to do after. CHECK OUT our ‘After Lockdown’ Writing Challenge on WhatsApp. You need to write – using descriptive language – about two things you’re looking forward to OR one thing you’re looking forward to and one you’re not when the lockdown lifts! There’s airtime up for grabs for the 10 top entrants…

So, WRITE your entry and submit it on WhatsApp. SEND a ‘hi’ message to FunDza on WhatsApp on 0600 54 8676 then follow the menu prompts to enter and to view the full terms and conditions.

If you’re looking for something to READ, try out this week’s short story – The Sobering Truth – on fundza.mobi. Written by youth writer Yonela Gatyeni, the story is about Lihlo who is struggling to come to terms with her toxic family history, and is longing for love. She falls for someone who makes lots of promises… but will he actually choose her. Find out by reading it now!

Yonela (the author of the story above) is the first of our featured writers to send us a ‘message of hope’ during lockdown for our Facebook page. SEE what she wrote by visiting the page to LIKE and SHARE the post! Click here to find us on Facebook!

Have a great Saturday, everyone, and let us know how you are getting along.