How are you feeling? It’s now Day 22 of Lockdown. When we started lockdown, we didn’t know that there would be a day 22. Is that making you feel anxious or sad? Are you missing your friends, or just missing being outside? Are you even missing work or school or catching the taxi or bus?

Being in lockdown can be stressful. READ this article on Mental Health during Lockdown as you may find some tips or advice to help you in those low moments. If you’re feeling blue, or if you’ve found some good ways of managing your own emotions during lockdown, let us know by leaving a COMMENT – either on this page or on the article. We love to hear from you!

And, we’ve got a great thought piece for you. This week’s MindSpace feature by FunDza’s own Asithandile Tyulu called “Don’t be gay!” Give it a READ and TELL US what you think.

Finally, if you’re keen to develop your writing skills, check out our FunDza Fanz Writers Forum (a closed group on Facebook)… during the course of the day, we’ll be loading a story starter for our members. If you’re a Fanz writer and not a member, JOIN up now! Click HERE to find it or request inclusion.

Happy Friday… and come back to tomorrow for much much more!