How are you surviving Day 2 of the lockdown?

Let us know – and let us know what’s happening in your community too – by leaving us a COMMENT below.

Here are our three things to do today:

READ our second weekly short story: Rock ‘n Hustle – and if you’ve already read it, let us know how you enjoyed it 😁

WRITE your entry for the Human Rights Writing Challenge on FunDza’s WhatsApp account! All you need to do is WhatsApp ‘hi’ to 0600 54 8676 and then type ‘0’ to find out more about the writing challenge. The challenge ends on 31 March 2020 – and there’s airtime up for grabs – so don’t waste a moment!

SHARE information about the Human Rights Writing Challenge, by going to the FunDza Facebook page and sharing the Writing Challenge post (pinned to the top of the page)!

We hope you have a fantastic day. Please stay safe, and stay home.