Meet Cawekazi Tsitywa, a young oncological pharmacist, who faced many challenges on her professional journey. To Cawekazi, her work is not just a job, but a call of duty, ubizo. READ about how she overcame numerous obstacles to become qualified in this Inspiring Tomorrow feature article – click here.

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And, then CHECK OUT this fun play – Rivalry. Do you have friends or family in your home who can read it out loud or act it out with you? If so, get them involved. First of all, read the play together. Each person in the house can read a different part. Once you’ve read the whole play, act out a scene from the play, or improvise a scene about what could happen next. Let us know how you get along!

On LOCKDOWN LIVE we’ve published some links and telephone numbers to places that may be helpful to you in lockdown (VIEW it here), such as how to seek help if you’re feeling emotionally stressed, who to contact if you experience abuse in your home, or experience or witness abuse by police or the military. Please check them out, and if you have tips for other FunDza readers on surviving the lockdown, leave us a COMMENT or send us an email so that we can share your insights too.

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