Let’s get down to some practicalities. There has been a lot of debate globally about whether or not people should wear cloth face masks when shopping or travelling. It seems that scientists and medical practitioners are now recommending that people DO wear face masks as these do offer a small amount of protection against getting and transmitting Covid-19.

So, today’s the day that you MAKE a cloth face mask! With a little bit of help from some friends, we’ve got a really easy plan for you to follow. All you need is some fabric, some ties, and a needle and thread… and a bit of time and patience too! Follow this step-by-step How to make a fabric cloth mask HERE.

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Finally, if you’re struggling to keep the child or children in your home entertained, READ them this delightful story – Why the Bat flies at night. Relax and enjoy!

Good luck with your day… and do tell us how you are getting along by sending us a message on our Facebook Page.