It’s the second Sunday of the lockdown. Today we’ve got some family fun for you! There’s a play to act out… and an activity to do with the children in your home too!

First up, FIND the play ‘Rise to Fame’. It’s available here on – click here – AND on WhatsApp (see instructions for finding it there below). The short play is about Joseph, who is a bit of a nerd, and doesn’t have a date for the matric dance. He thinks most girls are out of his league but then he meets the bookworm Nozi, and everything changes.

Now it’s time to ACT IT OUT. There are quite a few characters, dependent on how many people are in your house, you can decide who plays which part or parts. Try it out, and let us know if you have fun reading it out loud with one another or acting it out.

If you’ve got a smaller child or children in the house, then READ this story to them: Forest of Snakes or (in isiXhosa) Ihlathi leenyoka.

Then, find some scrap paper and pens or pencils and DRAW a picture of the story. If you like, SHARE the picture with us on Facebook or WhatsApp (0600 548676).

We hope you have a FUN-FILLED SUNDAY at home with your family.


Instructions to find Rise to Fame on WhatsApp:
1. Message ‘hi’ to 0600 54 8676 – this takes you to the main menu
2. Type “4” to go to the Plays
3. Type “6” to access Rise to Fame
4. Then follow the navigation panel to read through the play (NB: If it’s saved in your WhatsApp messages, you’ll be able to read it over and over and share it with others too.)