It’s Friday and day 1 of South Africa’s LOCKDOWN. Do yourself a favour and curl up with one of the brand new #FunDzaFriday stories. This week is a treat – there is not only ONE but TWO stories ready to read and enjoy… Today’s activities are:

READ one of our exciting weekly short stories: A Girl called Secrets

COMMENT on the story and tell us your thoughts. Our growing community of FunDza readers and writers love to hear from you!

WRITE your own short story by joining today’s STORY STARTER challenge on the FUNDZA FANZ WRITERS FORUM! POST IT for everyone to enjoy! Click HERE to find it.

NB: The FunDza Fanz Writers Forum is a closed Facebook Group. If you’re not already a member, send a request to join it (you do this by visiting the page and requesting access).

Come back tomorrow to find out what next you can do… in LOCKDOWN LIVE!