Note: many of the sites link to others in the same field, and many of the organisations have Facebook pages.

Section 27 –

This independent organisation is named after Section 27 of the Constitution that deals with socio-economic rights, e.g. to heath care, food, water and social grants. It aims to “influence, develop and use the law to protect, promote and advance human rights”.

The South African Human Rights Commission –

These Commissioners are appointed by Parliament and their task is to get all South Africans to respect and observe human rights, and to investigate, report on and take steps to stop human rights violations (people not getting their rights) and get help for victims.

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development –

This government department has equality courts to hear inequality cases. The link given above takes you to a: STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR LODGING AN EQUALITY CASE.

Freedom of Expression Institute –

This independent organisation was set up to make sure that there is freedom of expression in South Africa, and that all citizens can get and spread information and knowledge. It takes up cases of censorship of the media by government for example.

The Open Society Foundation of South Africa –

This independent organisation works to build “the values, institutions and practices of an open, non-racial and non-sexist, democratic, civil society”. It supports the rule of law and the right of people to hold differing opinions and ideas.

Commission for Gender Equality –

This government commission’s aims are to research, educate and develop policy around gender equality, plus take up cases. Their website has a “Complaints” button where you can explain a problem.

Public Protector –

This government office’s website says, “Do you have any complaints about government services or conduct? The Public Protector may be able to help you!” This office investigates and helps to put right unlawful or improper actions by government departments or employees.

TOLL FREE LINE: 0800 11 20 40/ Customer Service Line: (012) 366 7143

Pan South African Language Board –
This Board was set up by Parliament to develop all our languages (including Khoe, San and South African sign language) and promote multilingualism. It investigates complaints about language rights and campaigns to tell the public about their right to be served in their own language at government institutions, such as law courts or Social Services offices.

National Youth Commission –
This government organisation looks at the needs, challenges and opportunities of young people, e.g. teen pregnancy and school, unemployment, alternatives to imprisonment.