You may have felt worried, stressed or sad before you were pregnant, which means you may be feeling overwhelmed now that you are pregnant.

Or you may be feeling this way now that you are pregnant and you have so many things to think about and choices to make. Below are descriptions of depression and anxiety. If you feel that you have any of these symptoms, try to make contact with a counsellor or a person you can talk to.

Turn to the back page for a list of useful contact numbers to find the support you need.

What is depression? Depression is characterised by low mood and other symptoms lasting for at least two to four weeks. Symptoms of depression include:

• Extreme sadness
• An inability to experience pleasure
• Difficulty in concentrating
• A significant increase or decrease in appetite
• A significant increase or decrease in time spent sleeping
• Extreme feelings of guilt and worthlessness
• Feeling hopeless and helpless
• Suicidal thoughts or a suicide attempt

What is anxiety? Anxiety is characterised by an abnormal and overwhelming sense of uneasiness, worry or fear. Symptoms of anxiety include:

• Sweating, physical tension and an increased pulse
• Disruption of your usual sleeping patterns
• Nervousness or feelings of panic
• Feeling tired more easily
• Difficulty concentrating
• Feeling irritable