You may feel that you are under so much stress and responsibility that one way out is to abandon your baby. But there are other options:

• Approach your family about your feelings towards your future baby – someone may agree to take care of your child until you feel ready be a mother.
If you have been pregnant for more than 20 weeks, or if you do not want to have an abortion, you can also decide to give your baby for adoption. The counsellor or social worker at the clinic can help you with this.

If you have been pregnant for less than 20 weeks, abortion may be an option:

• There are different methods of abortion, depending on how many weeks pregnant you are.
• Abortion can come with health complications. Risks are reduced if you choose a safe medical abortion. Illegal abortion is dangerous and can seriously damage your health.
• You do not need consent from your parents to have an abortion. However, it may be best to talk to someone you trust before making your decision.

If you have mixed feelings about the baby or if you are unsure about raising a child, talk to a counsellor about it. You have a choice.