The man introduced himself as Doro Machu and he became Glenda’s new dealer. After a few days of knowing each other, Glenda started dating Doro but it was only for the drugs. Doro offered Glenda the drugs for free and in return, she had to sell some of them for him. There was something strange about this Doro guy but Glenda didn’t know what. She was too high most days to care anyway.

When Steven found out about the affair he confronted Glenda but she said she was filing for a divorce. Steven tried his best to work things out with her but she had already made up her mind. She moved out of the house and left Steven alone.

They divorced and Glenda got a lot of money but she used it all up on drugs. Steven carried on with all the businesses including “I am Beautiful” so the campaign was in good hands. It didn’t take time before Glenda finished all her money on drugs with her new lover, Doro. She now had no place to stay because she lived in a hotel. The money to pay the hotel was finished.

Now she had to ask for a place to stay from Doro because she was homeless. Doro didn’t hesitate; he suggested that they should move in together. As she was taking her stuff in the house, to her surprise Doro had twins. They looked so beautiful. The girls reminded her of her babies. She wondered why Doro never told her he had kids. She was now filled with a lot of questions.

It turned out that the twins were Umhle and Muhle.

Glenda cried her heart out when she was told. She hugged them so tightly to the point where she came back to her senses. She wanted her kids back and her life back.

“I took the kids to replace my brother,” said Doro. “Do you still remember Loko? Well, he was my twin brother. He died in jail because of you. You sold him out. After you came with your skin problems the cops came and took him in.”

Glenda now saw the resemblance. She tried explaining and justifying herself but it didn’t work. Doro wanted revenge and he wanted it now. Glenda was kept hostage with her kids but she was glad that they were still alive and healthy. On the other hand Steven was worried about Glenda, he loved her too much. He went out looking for her and found out that she was staying with Doro.

Steven bought a private investigator to get some dirty secrets on Doro first. The P.I was even hired to be the inside man. He was one of the security guards who helped Doro with the shipping of the drugs. He was paid to get closer to Doro and earn his trust. The results were not what Steven expected. He was shocked when he found out that Doro was Loko’s twin brother.

He went straight to the cops with all this information and they reopened the case. They searched for Doro and Glenda everywhere but they were nowhere to be found. The place where Doro stayed was empty. They found out that Doro skipped the country and he was back in S.A. The airport reported that he was seen traveling with his family; his wife and twins. The case was now transferred to S.A and it was now all over the news.

After many attempts to escape, Glenda managed to run away with her kids with the help from one of the guys who worked for Doro. The guy even offered them a phone, food and money for transport to get them as far away from Doro as possible. The guy turned out to be the private investigator that Steven hired. Glenda contacted her parents to find out if they were home and to her luck they were.

She took a taxi home to her parents and found Steven there too. She was so happy to see him and her parents too. The cops were contacted to stop the search for Glenda and they now searched for Doro. Steven found out about Doro’s whereabouts from his private investigator. Apparently Doro was staying in Joburg so Steven went and paid him a visit. He didn’t tell anyone about this.

After a few days Doro was found dead in his room. It turns out that he was killed by his own drugs; he had overdosed. Glenda struggled to get back on her feet. There were a lot of drugs in her system and she lost weight. The kids were healthy though. Life went back to normal and Steven and Glenda worked things out. The kids were growing day by day and their mom was recovering too. Rehab helped her get back on her feet. Glenda was lucky to have a guy like Steven in her life; she was glad that he didn’t give up on her. Bullying can destroy a person; it can kill all that you are, your self-esteem and acceptance.

Everybody in Glenda’s life was crushed because of a decision she took while she was young and confused. Her past affected her future because of the bad decision she made. With all the mistakes she made she still got back on her feet. Your past can come to haunt you but it’s up to you if you allow it or not. “Get back on your feet and live” is Glenda’s everyday motto.

The End


Tell us: Where do you think Glenda got the strength from? Would you have the strength?