After eight hard months, Glenda started recovering. Her skin changed back to her normal chocolate colour. She was a dark beauty but she never realised that. Glenda now cherished her skin so much. She learned to love herself and accept who she was. Even after recovering, Glenda took a while before she could look at herself in the mirror. She was ashamed of herself.

She went through therapy but still struggled to accept herself. She couldn’t believe that she was so ungrateful. Her parents loved her so much but she had failed to see that. She apologised to her school mates that she bullied. She posted an apology on the net too. Glenda went back to her normal self – bit by bit. She started studying Psychology overseas. She learned a lot from it and it also helped with her recovery too.

She challenged herself to start a self-awareness campaign group which helped teens who had problems with self-acceptance like she did. She called it “I am beautiful”. The campaign was doing very well and it helped kids everywhere. She got sponsored to make it worldwide which was a very wonderful opportunity for her. She found out that she was not the only one who struggled with self-acceptance.

Glenda was always busy with helping others that she forgot about her life.

Still in the US, while she was busy with the campaign, she bumped into a tall handsome guy named Steven. He was a nice guy who was a businessman too. He helped sponsor the ‘I Am Beautiful’ Campaign. He was love struck the moment he first laid eyes on Glenda. She was drop dead gorgeous, her intelligence and personality went hand in hand.

Steven couldn’t get his eyes off her. He tried his best to know more about Glenda but she was not interested in him. She thought he’d be a distraction. He tried every trick to get her to notice him. He wanted something more than friendship but Glenda just wanted to be friends.

After quite a struggle and a lot of dates, Glenda eventually gave in and they dated. Their love life was awesome; it bloomed day by day. They were what you call soulmates so it didn’t take time for them to get married. After a few months of a happy marriage she gave birth to two beautiful girls named Umhle and Muhle. They were so beautiful, they reminded her of herself when she was young. Those memories were kept for her in pictures. They had black huge eyes, curly hair and birth marks behind their ears. She loved her babies with all her heart and they grew up fast too. Glenda’s life was perfect.

One day she went to fetch her kids from preschool and they were nowhere to be found. Apparently their uncle came to fetch them earlier that day. Glenda was terrified. She called her husband and asked if he knew anything about it but he had no clue. He came back from work as soon as he could. The police were involved and the uncle was described as a tall, shabby looking guy with a scar on his face.

The preschool teacher said he told them that there was an emergency at home so he was asked to come take them.

“I tried calling both of you to let you know, but none of you answered your phones,” she said with a shaky voice.

Glenda and her husband were way too busy to answer their phones. After some days of searching around, an investigation began and Glenda’s parents came to support their daughter. The search was on… Glenda suspected Dr Loko but he didn’t have a scar when they met. But how could he know where she stayed? It couldn’t have been him. The detectives looked into it and found out that he died in jail a month ago. There was no way that it was him.

The investigation carried on for months but the kids were nowhere to be found.

Glenda had sleepless nights; this whole situation affected her pretty badly. She was so depressed to the point where she started smoking drugs. She smoked drugs just to take the pain away. She would stay indoors all day long; she didn’t want to deal with the outside world. Even though she smoked a couple of times a day, she still felt like the drugs were not working. She still missed her kids badly; she wanted to switch off the pain.

She went out searching for serious drug dealers from corner to corner. One day on her quest, she met a tall guy who reminded her of someone; Doctor Loko. He was tall and dark, had a scar on his face and he looked exactly like the fraud Doctor Loko. She thought she was imagining things. Dr Loko was dead and it had been a while since she saw him so she couldn’t recognise him. How could this be?


Tell us what you think: Who do you think this guy is? Could Dr Loko have faked his death? Why did he take Glenda’s kids?