We got to the warehouse where we found a guy wearing a shiny suit. “Please join us,” he suggested.

“Not disrespecting you but sir, we don’t know who you are,” I said standing closely to Tokolo.

“Sorry mate,” he said in a British accent. “OK, if it’s introductions you want, I am Daniel Harrison, but you can call me Danny.”

So this was the Danny they kept talking about and he seemed like a gentleman, really trustworthy. He was welcoming and had a bright clean smile.

I walked in and as soon as I got to the door, he grabbed my hand and looked beseechingly in my eyes.

“I am Aleck and this is Rudolf,” I said pointing at Tokolo.

If they thought we were Veko’s boys, I assumed, then the Russian names I took from video games would suit the situation.

We went to a table where we sat across from each other and started talking. I told him what the dead guy really said and he told me that he was a government official who was investigating Veko. Then he said that we were to help him confiscate the drugs he was shipping via dairy trucks.

We accepted, just so we could get this day over with as soon as possible.

The situation appeared as though the dead guy was Veko’s loyal thug and was willing to protect the shipment from the police, meaning we were on the right side.

In the car I looked at my phone which was on silent the whole time, I looked at the time and it was 1 o’clock. There were also a lot of missed calls from my mother. The funny looking guy looked at me suspiciously so I returned my phone back to my pocket.

“Who was that?” he asked suspiciously.

“My mother,”

“I would suggest that you do not play us,”

“Why would I play cops?”

He smiled atrociously which started to freak me out.

We made it to the milk factory then he dropped us off and left. I looked at Tokolo who was as scared as me, he nodded and we went in. Inside was another guy who also welcomed us to a table. He reached out his hand to Tokolo and said that he was Veko, Tokolo took his hand and said that he was Rudolf and I was Aleck.

“Mister Rudolf, you have to understand I handle business personally, which is why I am going to go with you today to see your boss,” he said in a struggling English manner. It was infused with his native Russian and made his words come out haphazardly.

This was beginning to be a huge mess.

Danny thought Veko was our boss and he was a cop, Veko thought Danny was our boss and he was a dangerous man judging by the dead guy this morning. We all got into a Mercedes and drove to the warehouse. We went inside with a case written sample on the outside; there was no one inside the house so we retreated.


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