Jake’s First Act of Stealing

Growing up, our parents used to take my older brother, Jake, and I to our grandmother’s house for the holidays because they had to go to work. Those were the best times of the year for me. When we got there, grandma would always have a surprise for us, mostly a new toy or game that we’d been raving about.

We would spend the holidays playing, crafting, reading stories and practising the things we learnt at school. I enjoyed every moment we spent together, but my favourite thing to do was story-time. During story-time, grandma used to light a fire a few meters from the house. After lighting the fire, she would roast marshmallows and bring each of us a glass of juice. After preparing the snacks, we would sit down around the fire and grandma would tell us myths about lessons that we’d have to learn, and we’d listen to her while enjoying the snacks she’d prepared for us.

One story that has always been in my heart was the one that grandma told us about stealing. It was on my 10th birthday, and we had spent the entire day video-calling my parents and my friends, eating cake, and playing games. My parents had shipped my birthday gift in, and they’d said that it was due to arrive in the afternoon. I was very excited when it did and I wanted to see what I had gotten. Due to the excitement, I decided to open the present right there with my brother and grandma next to me, and when I saw what was inside, I couldn’t believe it.

My parents had bought me the Lego City Deep Space Rocket. This was the toy that both Jake and I had been asking for ever since it got out. We had been praying that one of us would get it so we could both play with it. I squealed and jumped around in excitement for that amazing gift, and my grandmother saw my excitement and laughed.

“Do you like it?” She asked.

“Like it? Grandma I absolutely love this toy!” I practically shouted in response.

I looked over at Jake and saw that he was standing still, looking at the new toy with crystal eyes. It was clear that he was about to cry. “Jake, what’s wrong?” I asked softly.

“N…Nothing,” he said, stuttering. He then ran to his bedroom and shut the door while I stood there in shock.

“Darling, go and prepare for story-time. I’ll talk to Jake,” Grandma said before heading to Jake’s room.

I went to my room, took a shower, got dressed in my pyjamas, and started cleaning up. After I finished, Jake knocked on my door and came into my room, also already in his pyjamas. “Hey Maya, I’m sorry for running out,” he said. “I was sad that you got the toy and I didn’t. But grandma told me that we’re going to share it and that I should be happy for you. I’m really sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.” He then looked down, as if he were ashamed.

“Of course I forgive you Jake,” I said to him softly with a smile. “And grandma was right, this toy is for the both of us, so don’t feel sad.” I paused for a while, watching him as he looked up from the ground. “Okay, let’s go outside, it’s story-time,” I continued excitedly.

“Okay, can I use your bathroom quickly,” he asked.

“Yes, I’m going downstairs,” I said walking away. When I got outside, grandma was already sitting around the fire with snacks placed next to her, and the fire was already burning. “Hello grandma.” I said, smiling.

“Hey sweetie,” she responded. “I’m guessing you and Jake made up based on that smile.”

“We did grandma.”

“Okay, go get your new toy so you guys can play with it for a while before we start with story-time.”

“Okay grandma,” I said, standing up and heading to my room. As I was walking towards my room, I saw Jake sneaking out of my room with my new toy in hand, heading to his room. “Jake, what are you doing?” I asked, and he jumped and looked at me with visible fear on his face.

“I … uhm … I wass …” he stuttered.

While I was watching him, it suddenly clicked. “Jake are you stealing my toy?” I asked, raising my voice in shock.

“I’m sorry Maya …”

“How could you?” I said before he could finish. “I can’t believe this.”

While Jake was still gathering his thoughts, I ran out and told grandma what had happened. After telling grandma, she told me to stay outside and drink some water. She then went to Jake’s room to speak to him. I barely heard what she was saying, but all that was on my mind was the fact that Jake had stolen from me, and I couldn’t believe it.


Tell us: How do you think Jake and Maya’s grandmother will deal with Jake’s theft?