I left for London and life happened. And somehow it brought me back to the man who was standing in front of me, holding my hand and looking at Melody.

“Come, let’s go talk in my car,” Sean said, taking Melody out of the prem. I followed him without a word.

“Pastor told me about you getting married. And that you were going through a rough time in your marriage. Can you tell me what happened?” he said looking at my finger which had no ring on it.

I got divorced in December when Melody was a month old. I didn’t want to come home then because I was scared of what people would say. My marriage didn’t even last a year – some would probably think I wasn’t even really married. I didn’t even know where to being to tell Sean. All I had were tears telling the story for me.

“When I left here,” I began, “I was angry and confused. Adam was there for me and I just agreed to his marriage proposal. Everything happened so fast at the end of January we were married, just a month after leaving here. I didn’t care because I knew Adam, I worked with him while he was still in South Africa and he was my best friend. In March I got pregnant with Melody, and everything was going well. God had just blessed us and we were happy. Or that’s what I thought.” Sean gave me a tissue to wipe away my tears.

“I later found out that all this time he was cheating on me. I didn’t panic because I knew God is able to solve these things and my marriage would be alright again. So I prayed. Then in June I found out the girl was one month pregnant. I asked Adam and he said it was his baby and he wanted a divorce because he loved her long before I came into his life. He wanted to be with her and the kid. So I decided that it was enough, I was not going to compete with Adam’s first love and their child. I signed the papers and in December it was finalized.” Mel started crying and Sean took and held her.

“I was afraid of coming home with a child who is fatherless. I stopped working and looked after my Melody. I knew I had to stop hiding and most of all Melody needed her family. And her family is here at home with you all.”

I finished telling Sean my story and I realised after a while that he was quiet. He was crying too. It reminded me of the last time we were happy together by the beach, when he told me about his parents and how he missed his dad.

I knew that Sean and I had no future and it was my stubbornness that robbed us of that. But in all that, I had Melody and I was grateful for her. She was now my reason to live and I was going to raise her for God.

The End


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