“Please my love, I know you are strong, you can do this baby, do this for our little boy.”

“I…can’t…it’s too…it’s too painful…” She said with a frail voice, barely catching her breath.

“Baby, please be strong! Do this for our son, if you feel him coming out, push, just push as hard as you can my love,” he said, trying to motivate her.

“I’ll try baby, I am trying!” she said with tears and sweat dripping down her face.
The labour pains were mild then but she could feel something inside her. She couldn’t tell if it was the baby or the food she just had.

“I think I need to go to the toilet…” she said.

“No my love no toilet, help yourself right here, don’t mind me babe, you help yourself right here!”

“No…I just need to go to the… ahhhhhh!”

At that last scream the baby flew between her legs and into the father’s hands.

“Oh my God…Oh my God babe…We did it, you did it! But we were wrong, the doctor was wrong, it’s a girl. We have a beautiful baby girl,” he said overjoyed.

Quickly he wrapped the little one in one of the towels, suddenly remembering that he had to call an ambulance. He had no idea what to do with the placenta connecting the baby to his wife. After alerting the emergency services, he looked at his wife, she had fallen asleep. She was worn out and exhausted. He needed the ambulance to get here fast.

It took the ambulance a few minutes to arrive. He couldn’t stop bragging about how his little angel fell right in his arms, how proud he was of himself and how his mother back in Nigeria would be so proud of him. They could not pay any attention to him. They rushed his wife and the baby off to the hospital and said he should follow them as soon as he could.

On his way to the hospital he couldn’t stop smiling, he wanted to surprise his wife and the moment to do so had arrived. He wanted to do it right after she gave birth to their child, it was about the house he built for them, a seven bedroom house he started building ever since they got married. What overjoyed him even further were the three beds Mr and Mrs Oosthuizen offered him, beds that were used by their children when they were younger. Having new beds to sleep on made him so happy and he could not wait to bring his family home to sleep on them too.

He parked at the hospital humming softly, hoping to find his wife wide awake. He walked to the reception to let them know who he was but then he spotted one of the paramedics. Pushing another patient on a wheelchair, when she saw him, she signalled for a potter to push the patient. She walked Jade to the maternity ward. The look on the matron who was to take him to his wife didn’t look at all welcoming.

“Mr Uche, your child is a fighter. We are keeping her in the incubator for now so that we can be able to keep her warm,” she said.

“Of course she is a fighter, just like her daddy she is! Hey nurse, please take me to my wife, I really can’t wait to kiss her baby face,” he said eagerly.

A smile formed around the Matron’s face but there was not only a smile there, tears threatened to escape her eyes as she opened her mouth to announce the sad news.

“Mr Uche your wife lost a lot of blood during delivery, she didn’t make it. The minute the placenta connecting her to the baby was cut, she stopped breathing… She was one special woman Mr Uche all along she kept her strength to keep the baby alive. I’m so sorry.”

As he stood there listening to the Matron, all he could think about was the little cot and the decorations in the baby’s room that he couldn’t wait to show her. With a broken heart and tears in his voice, he murmured, “It’s over before it even began…”

Gift Patience Utche grew up with a condition that was discovered by a nurse at the clinic when she was just three days old, after taking her blood for tests. The doctor at the public hospital diagnosed her with Erb’s Palsy, a hand paralysis. Hers was described as Avulsions which was the most severe type of nerve injury which occurs when a nerve is totally torn from a spinal cord.

Jade Uche did everything in his power to take care of his little girl. For months he stayed at home taking care of her without the help of anyone else. Although she had this paralysis, not even that could dampen his love for her, his little girl. He told everyone who cared to listen how she made him whole again after his wife’s passing.

When he met Lorraine she was a very sad lonely soul who grew up at an orphanage as a result he didn’t know anyone related to her. He buried her in their previous yard, where they first started their family.

When Gift turned five years old he started taking her everywhere with him. Even with the difficulty with her left hand she grew up a very busy and smart young girl. She would help her father at the farm with the gardening, cleaning and sometimes fixing the tractors.

His heart bled each time he looked at her, because he knew her mother would have been so proud of her.


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