Back at Zozo’s renting room, Sphiwe found that Zozo was not living alone but with a boyfriend. He was kind enough to let her stay with her cousin and went to sleep overs at friends’s place. Since Piet was not taking her calls, Sphiwe decided she would take a few days at Zozo’s before taking her trip to Cape Town.

On top of the heart attack, Jade suffered a stroke as well. Whenever Mrs Oosthuizen took Gift to go see her father she couldn’t bear to see how broken her father was. Every day before leaving her father’s bedside, she kneeled down on her knees, holding his hand in hers so they could pray.

One afternoon in particular Gift realised how thin her father got in just a few days, she felt angry and bitter and that night she decided to cry out to God.

“God! My father is your loyal servant. He wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Here he is fighting for his life because of an ungrateful woman who stole all his savings. He is too weak God, too broken to fight his own battles. I always read the Bible and I know you say vengeance is for You. I want You to fight for him, teach that woman a lesson she can never forget. Please God make her feel the pain we are feeling. You have the power to show us who is God. I’m begging Lord, I’m begging you to show that woman who GOD is,” she cried out in her prayer.

Finally Piet gave Sphiwe a go ahead to come to Cape town. Since Zozo and her boyfriend were not there she took little Jaden to town so they could go shopping before their long awaited trip. She felt very hungry and decided to enter Wimpy before her shopping.

With Jaden in her arms she enjoyed her meal, taking pictures of her food and surroundings showing off on Facebook. Jaden picked up a sausage on her plate while she was busy typing. The new phone she got for herself drove her insane, nothing in the world mattered when she had it in the palm of her hands.

A strange sound emerged from Jaden and a woman who was sitting opposite her rushed to her and slapped her.

“What the hell is your problem?” Sphiwe got up in alarm ready to defend herself.

“Stupid girl, you are busy taking pictures on that stupid phone you can’t even see your child is choking,”

Sphiwe looked down at her son in horror as his colour had changed from pink to purple. When she tried calming him, she realised the pupils in his eyes where no longer visible, her son was slowly losing his breath.

Sphiwe ran out of Wimpy as fast as she could, rushing her son to the nearest clinic. When she got there they quickly rushed him to another room asking her to wait at reception. She then remembered her belongings she left at Wimpy and called Zozo to ask her if her boyfriend couldn’t go pick them up and bring them to her.

An hour later a nurse appeared with a sombre look on her face. There was nothing they could have done for her son.

She was asked to decide which morgue she would like to choose for her son. After the morgue people arrived she paid her last respect in horror unable to believe what had befallen her. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Zozo the sad news on the phone and figured she would tell her at home.

In the taxi she couldn’t hold it inside, howling and asking God how He could be so cruel.

When she got to Zozo’s room she found a woman locking up. She asked where Zozo was only to be told her cousin and boyfriend just packed their belongings and left without any explanation.

When she thought of what had just happened to her son and the money her cousin ran away with, Sphiwe felt like she was going to lose her mind. She refused to accept her fate, telling herself that Zozo would never betray her in such a manner.

She had no money left in her pockets. All the money she had was left with the bags she left at Wimpy. Like a mad man she ran across the streets searching for her cousin and her boyfriend. Grief and disbelief blinded her as she searched in vain asking everyone who cared to answer if they hadn’t seen a Zulu girl and her boyfriend with a big brown bag.

Her phone rang just as she was to cross the street. What happened after that even she couldn’t tell. She woke up at the hospital a week after the accident. The doctor told her she wouldn’t be able to use her left hand and both her feet ever again. With her paralysis, what she used to say to Gift haunted her every day of her life.

After his discharge at hospital, Jade continued going to work. His daughter Gift grew up to be a beautiful, ambitious young lady who studied medicine. She continued her practice back in Nigeria where she began to learn her roots. She did well with her studies and opened one of the best surgeries in Polokwane. She extended her father’s house into a big elegant house such that those who passed by couldn’t help but admire.


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