***Numb or Numbed***

There is silence in the room, so Diana lowers her head close to mine, thinking … I do not know what. I feel a slight movement in my pants.

“What? Am I getting hard for her?” I think to myself. “I cannot believe this. Truly, I did not see this coming. Am I thinking with my penis now? But hello, it’s Diana we are talking about here! D.I.A.N.A! And we are just friends, for God’s sake! But could an innocent boner be that big of a deal? Absolutely not.”

It is not a big deal, though. In fact, I think it is normal to get a boner whenever any girl touches you, right? Especially when she is a ten. Friend or not, it is not bad. Right? It just feels unnerving, though, and I do not know why. But this is definitely not the kind of revelation I had hoped for. Come on! Feelings of want should not reveal themselves prematurely. Everything in life needs timing, and that rule applies to feelings too, Goddamn!

I watch Diana lick her lips as she continues punishing me with that evil look of hers. In silence, nonetheless. The silence, on the other hand, keeps getting louder. My stomach then takes an ugly dive. I try to ignore it and act as if everything is fine, but there is now a weirdly strong warmth of want growing in it, and I cannot fight it. I cannot beat it.

After a while, my muscles start to unfreeze and I draw my head forward in anticipation, but then Diana straightens up.

“I should be …” she says.

“Oh … yeah. True,” I respond hoarsely, and then clear my throat.

“Okay,” she says, pursing her lips and pressing her hands on her body. “I think I’ve played nurse enough now.”

“Right,” I think to myself, nodding. I honestly do not know why I have become numb all of a sudden, but it is all because of her. “What has she done to me?” I ask myself, and the thought of it nearly sends me choking on the lump forming in my throat. I then let out a small cough, and Diana sulks.

“Alright then,” she says, backing off. “I guess I’ll see you when I see you.”

“I guess it’s anytime soon …” I respond, grinning.

“Maybe,” she says, blushing. “We’ll see, Teekay. Goodbye.” She then waves, and walks herself out.

“BYE. DIANA. FRIEND!” I think to myself. I then sigh while shaking my head in disbelief. “What-in-the-hell? Did we nearly kiss? Man …”

While thinking, I suddenly hear loud whistling coming from the kitchen, and recognise the sound as my electric kettle! I then get on my feet and dash to the kitchen. “Oh shucks! Diana was in the middle of making breakfast,” I think to myself.

She had boiled two eggs, opened a can of beans, and put it in soup, just for me. The water boiling in the kettle was probably for making tea. My tea. I then smile puerilely.

“Thank you, Diana. I hope next time it will not only be breakfast you will be cooking, but we will see!” I think to myself.

Tell us: Do you think Diana and Thulani will ever become a couple?