As Lisa sat on her chair silently at the art school she attended at Makau, she thought about was her future, her dreams, wishes and goals. Love was the last thing in her mind. She had given up on love six months ago.

She had been betrayed, left pregnant and even called names by the father of the child whom she was carrying. After all what she has been through, she never stoped smiling. She believed the best revenge was a smile.

Even Dennis didn’t understand what kind of a girl Lisa was. Even after he had denied being the baby’s father. Nonetheless, Lisa greeted him with a smile every time she passed by the shop he worked at.

Honestly, that hit him in his gut every time. Her gorgeous smile and glowing face left him with unanswered questions.

Yes, it had been hard for Lisa but she knew only cowards give up and she wasn’t a coward!

While she sat alone under the tree every lunchtime, Malik saw this as an opportunity to get to know Lisa.

As Malik approached her something hit him inside, saying: you are not good enough to date such a girl? Do you want to embarass yourself? Stop it! Don’t go to her, just try to talk to her next time…

But Malik knew that time waited for no man. So in his heart he prayed: God, I’m not good in speech but let you be my mouth. Give me right words to say. Because in Lisa i see the mother of my kids.