They arrived at her gate and embraced and made plans to meet again in two hours to choose a poem to work on together. Nozie wanted to go straight in the house, throw herself on the bed and try to wrap her head around what had happened. Then she decided it was a fluke, a mistake and that it will never happen again so she must put it out of her mind. She was woken up by a knock and walked groggily to the door. Thulani was at the door, shocked that she was still in her school uniform.

“Did I wake you?” He walked in and they hugged.

“Naa I must’ve dozed off. Are you hungry?”

“Not for food. I’d rather we go back to your bed and I help put you to sleep,” he winked and started kissing her neck.

“Don’t. We talked about this and you know how I feel.”

“I know but I can’t help wanting you, you’re hot. A guy can hardly breathe around you.” he leaned and inhaled her scent, making him even hotter for her.

“Thulani no. What is wrong with you men? Just because a woman has grown breasts and hips doesn’t mean she’s ripe and ready for plucking. Get off me before I chase you out.”

“Geez, don’t bite my head off I was just teasing. I know we decided to wait and I’m doing my best here so cut me some slack if I try my luck every now and then.”

“Is that what you think when you look at me? Somebody you can try your luck on? You don’t have to wait for me if it’s that hard for you to keep your hands to yourself. Go try your luck somewhere else and prey on some helpless young virgin.” She was pushing him towards the door.

“Babe, calm down. What’s gotten into you?”

“I am calm! Get the fuck out of my house now!” she pushed him out and slammed the door on his face.

He stood there shocked and speechless, wondering what the hell he had one to bring that on. He started walking towards the gate bewildered. She stood by the window and watched him leave; he stood and looked back then continued walking shaking his head.

What the hell? I didn’t mean to snap at him. Aaarrg, that Mazibuko what have you done? Nozie thought to herself.

Saturday morning came and Nozie was not looking forward to it. She had decided to brave up and go to Mr Mazibuko as she had promised and then she’d go to the party and apologize to Thulani for the mean way she acted. She would tell him what happened and they would be fine again. She finished her chores, took a bath and got dressed for the party. She told her parents she was leaving, that they shouldn’t expect her back early as she’ll make a stop at the party. She left and walked the short ten minutes to his house. She got to the house and stood at the gate for a while contemplating what to do when she heard her name being called. It was Bulelwa her friend and class mate. Suddenly she had an idea.

“Just the person I wanted to see, Bulie my friend how are you?”

“I’m good doll, what’re you doing here?”

“Helping Mr M with some papers before I go to the party, he asked me yesterday.”

“Oh ok. I can’t wait for the party. My hair needs sorting out but my outfit is ready.”

“I can do your hair if you help me grade the papers. It’ll be quick if we do it together then we can work on your hair. Please say yes my dear.” Bulie didn’t understand this plea was coming from a deep scared place.

“You don’t have to beg sweety I’ll do it. Let me just tell my folks.”

And with that she ran to one of the houses down the road.

Phew, that went well, Nozie thought. She opened the gate and walked to the door feeling much better – ready to face the old fart. Little did she know that the whole time he was watching her from the window wishing that Bulie would just leave. Relief flooded over him when she turned and ran home and he licked his lips and went to the door.

“Hello gorgeous. Please, come in.” he ushered her inside with a big grin on his face; she smiled a wicked smile knowing exactly the shock he was up for.

“Would you like something to drink, its quite hot outside.”

“That would be nice thank you.” she was feeling a little parched, but that had more to do with nerves than the heat outside. He dashed into the kitchen and poured the drinks for the two of them, but then he put something else in her glass and stirred and the white powder vanished.