In moments of trials and tribulations when all seems lost and broken, when permanent darkness casts itself unto one’s world and all hopes of life abandon him. When at the end of the tunnel there seem to be no light and the path in which one is trudging on is but a thorny patch that ceases to end; a nightmare that one cannot just shake-off and forget about.

At such trying times, one starts to envision the world as a deep dark hole that is waiting to gobble up all that one is living for. The dreams and the goals, without mercy; thus one, at times, loses all his sanity and sets out in mysterious, and equally dangerous adventures. In the process he forgets the ideal rule of life which is to live and let love…

Challenges, conflicts and confusions are but the ingredients of life; the spices that supplement the bitter-sweet taste of living. Null and void are acts of trying to justify the injustices of life by crying foul play in a world where human cries, weeps and pleas go unheard or simply ignored by souls fearing for their own lives. A world where humankind trample onto each other like bulls locking horns just to get to the top of the ladder and the power needed to dictate the lives of those they are inferior and less important than themselves. Is it fair that the human race is oppressed and discriminated based on statuses and powers not granted by God but by mankind himself?

Do you think that it is morally just that laws that affect every Tom, Dick and Harry-from-the-hill, and every average citizen, are made behind bolted doors of parliament by men and women who are there just because so-and-so from his/ her family lost an eye in the struggle for liberation or so-and-so from his paternal family is an ex-military commander, who worked tirelessly for the present government during the times when racial segregation and teargas ruled supreme?