I thought I was doing the right thing but Thandi and I argued more and more. She didn’t understand that I was only doing this to get Mr Khate off of my back. I had to cancel two dates in two days because Mellissa needed my help. It’s not like I offered to help but she asked me. If I said no then that meant Mr Khate would be crazy-mad.

“Are you, again, planning on trying to break me and Thandi up?” I asked Mellissa where we were sitting in her livingroom. Mellissa was writing on the desk in a corner of the room.

She turned the chair around and looked at me. “What makes you think that?” she asked. I stared at Mellissa.

“Do you know that today is the third day that Thandi doesn’t wanna talk to me?” I said. “Plus,” I said, standing up, ” I’m stuck with you for the year.” Mellissa quickly turned the chair around to continue with her work.

“I didn’t know you and Mr Khate were related,” I said, staring at a picture on the wall. No response from Mellissa. I heard someone sobbing softly. I looked at Mellissa.

Only her shoulders moved slightly as she tried to suppress her crying. I walked over to her.

“Mellissa?” No response. “What’s wrong?”

She turned around and looked me straight in the eyes, tears running down her face. “I’m sorry Bongani about everything that happened. I’m really sorry for everything that has happened.”

I stood speechless. What is this? I asked myself. Another trick to end me and Thandi? I waited but she cried more and more. I started to feel sorry for her. Mellissa stood up. “Hey,” I said, comforting her by hugging her. “It’s OK.” Her whole body was shaking in my arms.

“And I’m sorry for what’s about to happen,” she said softly.

“Huh?” I said, looking at her.

“You have to go now,” Mellissa said, wiping tears from her eyes.

The street was quiet when I went home from Mellissa’s house. I didn’t understand what she meant when she said WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

The street lights shone brightly as I walked home. As I got nearer to home I noticed someone standing at my gate. I started to pick up the pace.

It was Officer Thina. “Bongani?” he asked when he saw me coming.

‘Yes Officer, it’s me. What can I do for you?”

Officer Thina looked around. “Do you mind if we go inside. It’s kind of important.”