“We need to inform the kid, sir,” Officer Thina said, breaking the silence.

Captain Setha tapped with his finger on the front counter of the police. “Yes I know but maybe we will get him back before that. I mean he wouldn’t dare show his face in Parkview. He knows somebody will recognise him.”

Officer Thina looked at his watch. “Maybe he won’t… I did it like you ordered, sir, and his brother is still at Kind Heart Orphanage in P. E. I thought that he would get his brother but he didn’t. Do you think he is planning on getting revenge?”

“I don’t know, Thina, but we will have to inform the kid in two days that Zali has escaped from prison and that he is out there somewhere.”

Officer stood there smiling at captain Setha.


I stared at Thandi. “I don’t know what she is doing here, Thandi, but I get a feeling that something is gonna happen.”

I heard kids cheering as the boys played soccer behind the school. Sam was with them. He didn’t ever get tired.

Thandi pounded her fist into her palm and bit on her teeth. “Oh I just know she’s here to cause trouble…”

“Calm down,” I said. “ Maybe she ain’t here to cause us more arguments.

Thandi looked at me in a strange way. “Do you remember what happened last time?” I looked at Thandi and nodded. I remembered it like it was yesterday.

Two years ago Thandi, Sam and I went to PE to visit Sam’s aunt and uncle who live by the sea. Not far from where they lived was another house. There lived a woman and a girl, Mellissa. She almost broke me and Thandi up by spreading stories to Thandi about me being with another girl at the beach. At first Thandi didn’t believe her, but the more she told stories, Thandi wanted to ask me about it. So she decided to call me on the day I decided to go for a walk on the beach. Mellissa saw me walking on the beach and she wanted to accompany me. So we walked and chatted, not knowing what was about to happen. Thandi called me on my cell and I answered. Mellissa shouted into the phone and said hello to Thandi, then all of a sudden Thandi ended the call. I could hear that she was angry. That afternoon when I got back I saw Thandi sitting outside the house. I could see that she was crying. So I had to explain to her what was going on even though I didn’t know what was going on. From that day on Thandi didn’t like Mellissa.

The cheering from the field became louder and louder as the break come to an end.

“Oh look who it is,” Thandi said when she noticed Mellissa coming our way. She smiled at us. “What is it?” Thandi asked. “Here to cause more trouble?”

Mellissa looked at me. “Nah, not really, but I wanna ask Bongani something…” Mellissa paused because she noticed the look on Thandi’s face. “Concerning my schoolwork, of course,” Mellissa continued in her sweetest voice.

“So ask then,” Thandi said, looking at Mellissa seriously.

“In private, please, Bongani,” Mellissa said smiling.

Just to keep the peace between me and Mr Khate I stood up and went with Mellissa, not knowing that trouble was brewing.