The creatures begin to fight, and the other creature doesn’t take a second to chop off Idowu’s head with its claws. Oge is also powerless when the creature also cuts off her head in less than a second. Queen Wabara widened her eyes in shock when her two most powerful warriors are killed so easily.

‘Unbelievable,’ the Queen whispers to herself.

The other creature then transforms into a human form, and it’s Summer. She runs to check on Monroe.

“So that’s the girl, huh?” Anito says as they all watch her in shock after killing the creatures.

“Am so glad to see you,” Monroe says, smiling at Summer.

“I’m sorry for taking so long. Are you alright?” Summer says, looking for any wounds on Monroe.

“I’m fine, but I think the others are wounded,” Monroe says.

Summer turns and looks towards Lindi, who has a scowl on her face.

“Excuse me!” Kerina calls out for Summer, waving her hand. “I might need some healing over here.”

Summer walks to Kerina, and she picks up the knife on the ground and cuts her hand. She drops her blood on Kerina’s wounded arm and she is healed quickly.

‘Interesting,’ Queen Wabara whispers to herself again. ‘That creature’s blood possesses the ability to heal.’

Anito gets up and rushes to Summer.

“Please heal my brother. He’s fatally wounded,” Anito says, pleading for his dead brother, hoping he can be returned from his death.

Summer glances at Anton’s body. “I’m sorry, but I cannot heal the dead,” she says with pity in her voice.

She goes back to Monroe, and they hug comfortably.

Zakhele turns to the queen, and it is still raining hard with hailstones. “I guess you’re all alone now!”

Queen Wabara ambles closer, and they all swallow hard in fear because they know she is far too dangerous than the other two creatures they just fought. She the stops and glares towards Summer. “You fight with a creature that once killed for the abilities,” she says. “She’s no different than I am.”

On hearing the news, they all turn in shock, realising that Summer’s power is an ability from someone like Monroe. They never thought about it until that moment. It never occurred to them because she can use the power while she’s in her human form, unlike the other creatures that need to transform before they can use their power. It also made sense to them because those creatures are not born with any special powers, but it doesn’t matter because they do not need to confront Summer because she isn’t their enemy.

“At least her powers are to save people,” Zakhele says. “Unlike you, who’s using them to kill the innocent.”

Queen Wabara then glances at Monroe. “I have to get that one out of my way first,” she says to her inner self. She then transforms into a creature, a more powerful creature than any other. It is taller, bigger and hairier. The normal right eye of the creature is red, and the left one with the power is a human eye. The right arm with a power has burnt skin, and the claws on the left hand are burning with flames. Once she is fully transformed, the Queen roars and is ready to attack.


Tell us: Now that the Queen has noticed that Summer is a creature that has gained a power like her, do you think the team now has the capability to win?