Two hours later, the Protectors arrive in Durban North, at the tower blocks of Prospect Hall, north of the Blue Lagoon. It’s raining hard, as if it has been centuries without any rain. They are shocked when they see all that the buildings have been destroyed and burnt, including the people, and there are dead bodies everywhere.

“How the hell could this creature do this in such a short period of time?” Kerina asks as they see a horror unlike any they have ever expected.

“We should look for any survivors,” Anito says, but Zakhele declines.

“We can look for survivors after we’re done with the creature,” Zakhele says.

“That will be too late for any survivor,” Lindi says.

“And the creature might strike again in another place,” Zakhele says, but this time no one argues with him. “So we must deal with it first.”

“Phila,” Zakhele calls out for him through the wireless earpiece on his ear.

“She’s there,” Phila responds. “Close to the Umgeni River.”

“She’s at the river,” Zakhele says.

They all stride through the trees and see the river with its aggressive like ocean waves. On the river bank, they see three human figures standing in a circle, holding each other’s hands. They go towards the bank and see three women wearing short mini brown skirts and mini vests. Their heads are looking up to the sky and their eyes are closed because they are praying.

“What the hell are they doing?” Anito asks.

Zakhele takes a few steps closer to the enemies. “God won’t answer your prayers after what you just did to those innocent people!” he shouts.

The rain continues to fall hard from the sky. Hailstones start dropping too, but none of them is bothered by the weather. The women stop praying, and Queen Wabara turns and looks at her enemies. She also takes a few steps closer to them.

“Give me the boy,” Queen Wabara shouts. “And I shall spare your lives.”

“That’s too bad, because I’m here to kill you!” Zakhele exclaims.

“If they attack, Anton and I will take the woman on the left,” Lindi says. “And you guys will take the other one. Monroe will stay behind and use his power to make them vulnerable.”

“Zakhele cannot take on the Queen alone,” Anito says.

“I don’t think she’ll fight along with her servants,” Lindi says. “She’ll wait because she thinks her servants will kill us.”

“She’s only going to join the party after we slaughter her sluts,” Kerina says.

They are all speaking in high volume because the rain and hailstones are too strong for them to hear one another if they speak softly. The queen glares at Zakhele, not pleased with his response. She raises her hands forward and commands Idowu and Oge to kill them all.

“Pa gbogbo wọn (Kill them all),” she commands. “Je ki won jiya. (Make them suffer). A yoo gba agbaye (We shall take over the world).”

The two women stride forward and they transform into creatures. But they are normal creatures with the burnt skin, except these ones have melting hot lava on their skin, and they are ready to attack.


Tell us: Now that the war has begun, do you think Summer will join the team? And if yes, do you think they will be able to defeat the creatures?