In the gun room, the team is preparing weapons they are going to use in the war.

“I’ve never seen Zakhele angry before.” Kerina says, glaring at Lindi. “You really pissed him off.”

“As if I care,” Lindi fearlessly says.

When they are done, they go back to the control room, where they see Monroe talking to Zakhele.

Monroe looks at the upset Lindi and apologises. “I’m sorry for disappearing like that, sister Lindi.”

“How many times have I told you to always inform someone where you’re going?”

Monroe doesn’t respond, instead he looks just down shyly.

“Just because you have an ability doesn’t mean you’re capable of surviving on your own, Monroe,” Lindi says. “There are dangerous creatures out there, and you know that.”

“Just like the creature we’re about to face,” Kerina says. “Hell will break loose.”

“He also found the girl,” Zakhele says.

Lindi looks around the room. “What happened?”

“I gave her time to think about my offer,” said Monroe.

“What offer?” Kerina says.

“To join our team. The Protectors.”

On hearing the news, the entire team looks surprised.

“Why would you want a creature to join The Protectors?” Lindi asks with histrionics. “It can kill us all.”

“Because she’s my friend, and you know she’s not like any other creature,” Monroe says with a nonchalant voice. “She killed her kind to protect me. If it wasn’t for her, I would be dead right now. She saved my life.”

“We could use her in this war,” Zakhele says, glancing at Lindi.

“With also her power of healing, yeah,” Kerina says with insolence. “We’re gonna need that bitch of a creature.”

“I would appreciate it if you mind your tongue when you’re speaking about her,” Monroe says, having resentment about Kerina’s impudence tone.

Kerina chuckles. “What makes you think I give a shit about appreciating a virgin?”

Lindi glares at Kerina. “If you really don’t mind that tongue of yours, I’ll cut it off for you.”

Kerina glances at Lindi with hostility.

“Come on guys,” Zakhele says. “With this attitude around ourselves, we won’t survive this war. We need to work as a team.”

“Like I said earlier, I can be professional,” Kerina says.

“So Monroe,” Anito says. “Are you ready for this war?”

“This will be the toughest creature you’ve ever fought,” Anton says.

All eyes in the room turn to Monroe, waiting for his response.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Monroe parries.

“Zakhele, the creature has landed,” Phila exclaims from his seat.

They all stride towards him and glare at the screen.

“Where is she?” Zakhele asks.

“She’s in Durban, Blue Lagoon,” Phila says.

“Let’s get moving, now!” Zakhele says.

When they all go out of the room, Monroe stays behind and whispers to Phila. “Please send a message to the Rocky Pub & Grill in Hillbrow for Summer,” he says. “Tell her we need her.”

Phila nods and Monroe runs out of the room to join others at the jet.


Tell us: Now that the war has finally begun, how do you think the team is going to do against the creatures?