“Who is this woman that is coming to fight us?” Zakhele asks.

“They call her Queen Wabara,” Brando says with his Italian accent. “She’s from Nigeria, and she’s actually coming for the boy. The Japanese man located the boy, and that’s why he was there in South Africa.”

“What did you do with him?” Zakhele says, asking the ladies since he didn’t get a chance to ask about them earlier.

Kerina looks away, shy to respond, but Lindi comes to her rescue. “He fought us and we were forced to put him down.”

“But there’s something he said,” Kerina quickly says. “He said she’s coming and nothing will stop her.”

“He was talking about the queen,” Brando says. “Our intel in Africa formed us that she has merged with the abilities that the Japanese man stole from the other kids. That makes her very dangerous for all of us.”

“I’m sure we’ll be able to take her down,” said Zakhele.

“Perhaps you don’t understand,” Brando says on the screen. “Three abilities have combined to form her creature form. That will make her unstoppable. The Italians should intervene in this war, or it will be the end of us all.”

“There’s no need for the Italians to intervene. We’ll fight together. We’re strong together. I have a great team on my hands, and I’m very sure we can take this queen down,” Zakhele said, proud and certain they will not fail.

“Very well, but if you do fail, you’ll pay with your lives,” Brando says. “I’m sure that that creature won’t have any mercy, but I’m also sure that with the boy on your side, you guys have a good chance of taking it down.” He pauses, looking at everyone with a serious face. “Good luck,” he finally says, then disconnects the video call.

“I just received a message from Anton,” Phila says. “He’s on his way with Monroe.”

“And the girl?” Lindi asks.

“He didn’t say anything about the girl.”

“Okay guys,” Zakhele says. “We need to prepare ourselves for this queen. We have to work together as a team, it’s our best chance of taking it down. We’re going to give it our all until it’s dead.”

“I just wish she doesn’t come with an army,” Anito says. “Otherwise we’ll be all screwed.”

“We’ll deal with whatever comes in our way,” Zakhele says.

“Maybe Brando was right, we might need the Italians’ help,” Kerina says.

“No, they’ll think we’re weak,” Zakhele argues. “And for that, they’ll always undermine us. So we must fight this war alone and prove to them and the rest of the world that South Africans are not weak.”

“I agree with him,” Lindi says. “We must show the world what we’re capable of.”

“Trace this Queen Wabara and let’s see where she’s going to land,” Zakhele instructs Phila and the others to go into the gun room.


Tell us: Do you think the Protectors team will have a winning chance without the help of the Italians?