“What are you doing here Roy?” Summer asks after they sit down at a table to talk privately.

“I’m here to find you. You disappeared on me.”

Summer leers at Monroe, “You made it clear that I should stay away from you. You also believed that those creatures that attacked us on the trees were with me.”

“I was confused about you, Summer. I didn’t expect you to turn into one of those creatures. At first, I thought what you wanted to show me was some sort of ability, like mine.”

Monroe tries to clasps his hands on hers, but Summer doesn’t allow it. She folds her arms instead.

“Look, I’m really sorry about how I reacted,” Monroe says. “I want to thank you for saving my life by healing those wounds.”

“Okay. Now can I go back to my work?” Summers replies briskly.

“I work in Johannesburg now, for The Protectors. Have you ever heard of them?”

“I know what they are. Humans that kill us. The creatures. I read about them.”

“Well, I don’t believe all creatures are evil. I know you. And I believe you don’t hurt anyone. You just want a normal life.”

“You don’t know anything about me,” Summer reprimands. “We just knew each other for a day. Hours rather. ”

“You also revealed your secret to me in those hours. You had no intentions of hurting me. Of killing me. You trusted me, and that’s why I want you to come with me. I want us to work together.”

Summer looks at Monroe as if he just swore at her. “Work together? Are you out of your mind? Your sister would never allow that. Not to mention the other Protectors you work with, they’ll kill me.”

“They know what you did,” Monroe retorts. “They know you saved my life. They also know that if you wanted me dead, you would have done that in varsity.”

“I don’t know.”


“I need time to think about it.”

Because Monroe respects Summer’s decision, he tells her the location of their facility. He then stands up and says. “I would really like our friendship back, Summer. I miss you.” He then leaves Summer pondering her mind about Monroe’s offer.


Back in the facility, Lindi walks in with Kerina behind her. “What’s Monroe doing in Hillbrow!?” Lindi asks very impertinently to Zakhele.

“How did you know about that?” Zakhele asks, not knowing about the GPS tracker Lindi had planted on Monroe when he was still a child.

“That doesn’t matter,” Lindi scolds. “I want to know what the hell Monroe is doing in Hillbrow!”

“He went after the girl,” Phila says, revealing Summer’s picture on the screen.

On seeing the picture, Lindi gets stunned. “How did he find her?”

“With the system,” Zakhele says. “He was alone and no one knew what he was doing.”

“I’m going after him,” Lindi says.

“I already sent Anton. He’s on his way as we speak.”

“I don’t care.”

“Stop treating him like a damn child!” Zakhele says, huffed by Lindi. “He’s a grown man now, and with the way you raised him, I’m sure he’s able to take care of himself.”

Phila, Anito and Kerina are shocked at Zakhele’s outburst towards Lindi.

“I said Anton is on his way to find him,” Zakhele continues. “So I suggest you sit your ass down and wait for them. You’re no better than anyone else in this room.”

“Zakhele, we’ve got Brando De Sica on the line,” Phila says, and they all turn towards the screen.

When Brando appears on the screen, he tells them that they should prepare themselves for war because it’s on the way.


Tell us: If Summer decides to join the Protectors team, how do you think the team will use her?