“The boy’s gone,” Phila says, informing Zakhele in his room.

“What do you mean the boy’s gone?” Zakhele responds, getting up from his bed.

“When I came back, I saw this,” Phila says while showing Zakhele Summer’s picture on a computer in the control room. “He’s been looking for her all this time.”

“He’s going after the girl. Where is she?”

“She’s in Hillbrow.”

“What’s going on?” Anton says, coming towards his brother.

“The boy went to find the girl,” Phila replies.

“Anton, I need you in Hillbrow, now. I want the boy back here before Lindi comes back,” Zakhele commands.

“What about the girl?” Anton asks.

“She’s not important.”

“But she’s with Monroe, and I don’t think he’ll want to return without her,” Anton says.

“I doubt she’d want to return with him, that’s if he even finds her,” Zakhele responds.


In Hillbrow, Monroe has no idea of where he could find Summer, but the first place that comes to his mind is a Pub. A really quiet pub. He remembers when she told him she liked to have a drink after her lectures in varsity. He then drives hastily to a nearby pub, which is located around the area where Summer is located. He finds a pub named Rocky Pub & Grill, and he parks his car at the parking lot.

Inside the pub, Monroe shows the bartender Summer’s picture. “Have you seen this lady around here?”

“And who wants to know?” the lady says after studying the picture.

“A friend of hers.”

“Well, her friend needs to buy a drink first.”

Monroe takes out a R20 note and orders a soft drink. The lady ambles to a bar fridge and takes out a can of coke.

“Well, the woman you’re looking for works here,” the lady says while pouring the soda into a glass.

“Is she on duty right now?”

“She’s busy.”

On hearing the news, Monroe looks around the pub, but he only sees three customers. He begins to loath the lady on the other side of the bar.

“Listen to me,” Monroe murmurs. “If you waste another second of my time, I’ll make that vexing heart of yours stop beating.”

The lady starts to have a scowl on her face, as if Monroe is here to hassle the pub, but she does not say anything and hastens to the back door. She comes back a second later with Summer, and a smile appears on Monroe’s face, while Summer’s reaction is to query if it really is him.


Tell us: Now that Monroe has found Summer, what do you think their next move should be?