Once the fight was finished, they take the dead bodies, along with the creatures ones, to one of the destroyed buildings in Blue Lagoon and they burned them. Kerina hasn’t stopped her tears, but she has no shoulder to cry on. Losing the twins and Zakhele is very difficult for her because they were her only family. They have spent together, and now they are gone forever.

Lindi feels Kerina’s pain. It’s the same pain she felt years ago when her team was also killed by one of the powerful creatures. While the bodies are burning, they go around and look for any survivor, but unfortunately no one made it, so they left.


A week later, at the facility, Galatea Pandolfi is on the screen. The CEO of The Protectors.

“I would really like to thank all of you for killing that creature,” Galatea says with her Italian accent. “I’m sorry about the death of your colleagues, but you’ve all fought bravely. We will never forget what you did, and if you should need anything, please feel free to ask.”

“We have recruited a new member,” Lindi says. “Her name is Summer. She’s Monroe’s friend, and she helped us win the war. Without her, we wouldn’t even be here.”

Summer had also explained to them about the healing ability she has. It belonged to a girl that was her best friend when they were 15. She told them she knew about her abilities and kept it secret until her parents found out about her, and that’s when they killed her and combined her abilities forcefully. That’s why she ran away from home, because she hated her parents for what they did to her best friend.

“Very well. I do welcome her to our organization,” Galatea says with a smile. “And Lindi, I would like to put you in charge of the team. I believe you have an experience that will lead the team to nothing but success.”

Lindi glances at Kerina. “I’m very honored, but I think Kerina should have this position. She’s a better suited candidate than I am.”

Kerina looks at Lindi with a surprised face.

“I would like to retire,” Lindi adds, and everyone is shocked by her decision. “I would like to step down from the Protectors. However, if they do need my help, I’ll always be available.”

“I accept your resignation. You’ve done very well, and I wish you a happy retirement. Farewell,” Galatea says, then she disappears from the screen.

“You didn’t tell me you were thinking of retiring,” Monroe says.

“It’s time. Kerina will take good care of you all. And remember, the Italians can never know what she is,” Lindi says, indicating to Summer. “If they ever found out, they’ll want her dead.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that never happens,” said Kerina.

“I’m going to miss you,” Phila says.

“Like I said, if you need my help, I’ll be available,” Lindi says, then turns to Summer. “Please take care of Monroe for me.”

“I will,” said Summer. “I promise.”

When they’re all done, Lindi bids farewell and leaves the facility.


Two days later, Lindi is back in Cape Town and she’s waiting in the parking lot in front of the restaurant she used to work at three months back. She gets out of her car when she sees Simon, the guy that trained her on her first day, the same guy she thinks is cute.

“Hello Simon,” Lindi says.

Simon is surprised to see her. “I never thought I’d see you again,” he says with a grin, very happy to see her. They share a hug and Lindi kisses him.


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